Clenbuterol. Something you did not know

Clenbuterol – not just a popular drug in the arsenal of modern bodybuilders, “maple” can be called a legendary drug. Legendary not so much due to its exclusivity, but because of rumors, its surrounding. Alas, most of these rumors are no more than myths that have no basis. So, for example, there was an anabolic component of clenbuterol, which he did not actually have. Almost the same happened with the “outstanding fat burning abilities”, on closer inspection, not very different, as it turned out, from the ability to burn the fat combination of ephedrine with caffeine. And clenbuterol showed itself as an anticatabolic only in conditions of a strict diet, which, of course, can not but rejoice, but …

At the same time, clenbuterol has many features, “to the masses” of admirers of bodybuilding of unknown people, but they allow talking about the drug as something really extraordinary. We will focus on these features today.

Clenbuterol for muscle mass gain

clenbuterolSo, clenbuterol can serve as a fairly good anticatabolic in conditions of a strict precompetitive diet. As for the period of muscle mass gaining, when the athlete’s diet does not suffer from a lack of calories, on the contrary – there are often too many calories in it, the maple does not show its anti-catabolic properties. So what happens when using “mass work”? Is this drug useless? And here not! Strangely enough, but here “to the court” will come … the catabolic properties of clenbuterol.

Yes, at dosages of about 300-400 micrograms per day, this drug is a powerful catabolic agent, it damages muscle fibers very well. But at what catabolism – the main enemy of muscle mass – to its recruitment? But with it. I will make a reservation right away – the catabolic properties of drugs like clenbuterol are useful only for athletes using androgenic preparations, or, more precisely, those that are susceptible to aromatization. The fact is that one of the beneficial properties of estradiol, in which the excess of testosterone in the blood of men under the influence of the aromatase enzyme, is to transform, is to protect cells from damage. Many people know that during the “steroid cycle”, the muscle pain that occurs as a result of damage to the muscle fibers disappears quickly enough. Responsibility for this and carries estradiol.

At first glance, everything is fine – there is no pain, it means that you can train more often. But … “No pain, no gain” – “without pain there are no achievements”, for bodybuilding this formula is oh how fair! Not being damaged, muscle fibers lose one of the most powerful stimuli to growth. Moreover, the training stimulates the cells to form an increased amount of IGF-1 and prostaglandins, and also enhances the sensitivity of cells to these substances. But in order for both IGF-1 and prostaglandins to enter the general bloodstream (often their autocrine action, that is, the action on the cell in which they are synthesized, is very limited), damage to the cell membrane is necessary. And again clenbuterol comes to the rescue.

With regard to practical recommendations for the recruitment of muscle mass with the help of clenbuterol (always accompanied by aromatized AAS – do not forget!), Then they can be:

  1. Train in traumatic mode no more than one group of muscles (maximum – two).
  2. Traumatic training should not take place more than once a week.
  3. Alternate the injured muscle groups.
  4. The dose of clenbuterol on the day of training, as already mentioned, should be about 300-400 mcg (8-10 tablets of 40 mcg), take the drug before the workout, preferably 6-8 hours before it starts.
  5. On the remaining days clenbuterol should not be taken.
  6. After exercise, take higher doses of amino acids, mainly those that are designated abbreviation BCAA. 

And remember – for people with a decreased tendency to aromatize, this application of clenbuterol will not have a special effect.

Clenbuterol for local fat burning

clenbuterolClenbuterol, as you must be well known, is produced not only in tablet form, but also in liquid form. Unfortunately, in our market such drugs are not so common. Why “Unfortunately”? I will explain.

A special “headache” is often not the general burning of fatty deposits, but the local one. Many have so-called “problem areas”, the fat in which they do not want to burn, despite all the tricks. And if it burns, then incidentally, taking a couple of kilograms of such muscles we need. Injections of liquid clenbuterol contribute to the burning of fat just in the problem area.

Contrary to the widely held opinion, local – “point” – fat burning is possible, it’s just that those who try to achieve it tend to achieve this completely not in the areas to which they direct their efforts. Fatty tissue, like muscle tissue, is permeated with nerve fibers. The brain communicates with tissues (including fat) through neurotransmitters, in which epinephrine and norepinephrine act. Both the first and second, as it turned out, are quite powerful fat-burning hormones. In theory, we can burn fat by just a strong-willed effort, directing neurotransmitters exactly where necessary. But only in theory.

In practice, it is possible to direct epinephrine and norepinephrine in the area where accelerated fat burning should be achieved with local injections of clenbuterol. It is worth emphasizing immediately: if you expect to get visible results with one or two injections, you should not even try this technique, so that there are no bitter disappointments. Visible result comes only after a month and a half of regular multiple injections and only against a fairly strict diet.

Of the produced liquid preparations of clenbuterol, I only know Ventipulmin manufactured by Boehringer-Ingelheim, which is a syrup spray (a bottle of 355 ml, an active substance concentration of 25 mg / ml). However, as a substitute for “maple” in this case, you can use liquid salbutamol, fortunately, preparations containing it as an active substance can be purchased in virtually any pharmacy.
How to make injections

Ideally, you should have a syringe for mesotherapy. It’s a practical syringe, but with a lot of small needles instead of one. Such a syringe will allow us to capture a large enough area at a time. If there is no such one (and I still have not seen such syringes on a free sale), then you can use an ordinary insulin syringe. Type in the syringe very little solution (0.1-0.2 ml) and make one injection under the skin in the selected area. If the reaction is normal, do a few (5-10) of such small jabs, trying to evenly cover the selected area with them.

If you today covered with pricks the right side of the body (whether it’s the surface of the hip, abdominal region or buttocks), tomorrow transfer your efforts to the left. In principle, injections are best done in the early morning immediately after awakening on an empty stomach. It would be nice to alternate injections of clenbuterol with injections of liquid yohimbine, so the process of “pinpoint” disposal of excess fat will go more fun.
Clenbuterol as a potentiator of the aromatization process

Aromatization, as you must have already learned – not always a negative phenomenon. A high level of estradiol in the blood contributes to the accelerated accumulation of glycogen in the muscles, as well as the upregulation (increase in the number) of androgen receptors. A high level of estradiol helps to achieve and more impressive results in the matter of levying muscle mass.

High, but not above a certain limit, when exceeding, estradiol for men from a friend turns into an enemy. So, clenbuterol, being an agonist of b2-adrenoreceptors, contributes to a significant acceleration of the process of aromatization of androgens. Naturally, provided it is used regularly. For those drugs in which the “flavor rating” is very low, this property of clenbuterol may be very helpful, but when using together with the “maple” testosterone or methandrostenolone (referring to the dosage of clenbuterol of the order of 80-200 μg per day), the acceleration of the process aromatization can lead to very negative consequences.

Clenbuterol for perfection of training process

Clenbuterol, used in small amounts (20-40 μg) for 1-2 hours before training, is able to improve its quality somewhat. What do I mean by quality? In this case, the drug is able to significantly increase your strengths, as well as increase blood flow to the muscles. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about – “pumping” in case of using “maple” is simply amazing.

If you take the drug on a regular basis, take 1 tablet (40 μg) of clenbuterol before training, and the rest of the daily dose afterwards. It should not, however, be forgotten that clenbuterol somewhat reduces the body’s ability to store glycogen, although its sporadic use has only a very minor effect on this process.

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