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clenbuterol for weight loss

Clenbuterol for weight loss. Severe fat burner!

Each of us wants to spend less, but to get more results. Most people, when they think about the use of various fat burners, hope that an excellent result can be achieved through the sleeves. Well, today I decided to write for you an interesting material about the use of clenbuterol.

Hello friends! Today we are talking about an interesting and effective fat burner – clenbuterol. In detail I will tell you how to take clenbuterol for weight loss and other interesting practical moments.

This year, for the first time, I used clenbuterol. Never before did I use any fat burners, well, except for coffee, which I really love.

This year I wanted to get a practical case on how to apply various types of fat burners, and how they affect the process of losing weight. I’m sure that the information will be interesting to you, friends.

First I propose to understand what clenbuterol is.

Clenbuterol is an adrenomimetic, i.e. a drug that is used in medicine for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Clenbuterol DOES NOT RESPOND to the class of anabolic steroids, I repeat, this is adrenomimetic (a medicine for bronchial asthma).

For us, he is not primarily interested in this.

Clenbuterol in bodybuilding is used because of its ability to burn fat due to the excitation of beta-2-adrenergic receptors.

Do not be alarmed, if you have not understood words, the mechanism of action is quite simple.

Clenbuterol for weight loss. Mechanism of action

clenbuterol for weight loss

Clenbuterol for weight loss binds to beta-receptors of the second type in the muscle and adipose tissue of a person. After that, a number of biochemical reactions are triggered, which increase the synthesis of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).

Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) activates enzymes that mobilize fatty acids from fat cells (adipocytes).

Additionally, clenbuterol, acting on beta-2 adrenoceptors, contributes to the production of adrenaline (a hormone of fear) and norepinephrine (a hormone of rage), which give a fat burning effect.

The secretion of thyroid hormones, which are natural fat burners of the body, also intensifies.

Clenbuterol affects lipoprotein lipase, suppressing its activity, thereby making the process of fat deposition in adipose tissue impossible.

As a result of all the above reactions, the level of basic metabolism increases by 20-30%.

Is the mechanism of action understandable from the point of view of losing weight? Let’s briefly explain again.

In many recent studies, for example, Lee P. of 2015 on formoterol (beta-2 selective agonist), refers to the anti-catabolic effect of clenbuterol, i.e. ABOUT ITS ABILITY TO SAVE THE MUSCULAR TISSUE WITH LOSING.

Experiments in humans in 2015 confirm the ability of clenbuterol for weight loss to retain muscles on drying and accelerate the synthesis of protein, which makes the drug relevant to bodybuilding.

I’m sure you will benefit from my experience with clenbuterol. I’ll describe it in more detail at the end of the article, but for now, let’s look at some of the effects of using this drug.

The positive effects of clenbuterol for weight loss

Based on the studies, the use of clenbuterol has the following positive effects:

  • Burning fat, drying muscles.
  • The growth of strength and endurance.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Prevention of muscle catabolism.
  • A slight anabolic effect (mild muscle growth).
  • Quite low frequency of side effects (irreversible effects are practically absent).

At the bottom of the article, I will write in detail about my experience and feelings from the use of clenbuterol, I am sure many will benefit from my experience.

One of the well-known authors, Yuri Bombela argues that in large doses (more than 250-300 μg / day) clenbuterol can destroy muscles, contributing to the subsequent hypertrophy of muscle tissue, but this statement is untrue, because neither studies, nor, especially, empirical substantiation was not given. These are just guesses of the author. And to take in such dosages this preparation is simply silly. Later you will understand why.

In 2010, a study was conducted that shows the synergistic effect of the use of clenbuterol on the course of anabolic steroids (if you, of course, use them).

The side effects of clenbuterol

Despite the fact that irreversible side effects of the drug has almost no, you should indicate the most common of them, so that you were aware of:

  • Increased heart rate (can be eliminated with beta-1 blockers, 5 mg of bisoprolol or 50 mg of metoprolol in the morning). Honestly, my heart was beating like mad, at first I even thought about stopping the reception, stopped at a working dosage of 120 mcg.
  • Tremor (trembling). I noticed only in the first days of taking, until about 5-6 days approximately, then gradually fading. Can be eliminated with ketotifen.
  • Sweating. Clenbuterol slightly increases the body temperature, so you are constantly hot, you sweat, and in general a semi-painful condition.
  • Insomnia. If you take clenbuterol late in the evening, then insomnia is possible, but it is eliminated by ketotifenom 1-2 mg per night.
  • Anxiety. Periodically, there is a feeling of excitement. Although it is difficult to notice, especially impressionable people. Eliminated by ketotifen.
  • Increase in blood pressure. Eliminated by beta-1 adrenoblockers, 5 mg of bisoprolol or 50 mg of metoprolol in the morning.
  • Diarrhea (stool disorder). Possible in the first days of taking the drug.
  • Nausea. It is very rare, but it is sometimes possible.
  • Convulsions. Usually with an overdose or at the initial stage of taking the drug. Dangerous thing, because. heart, this is also a muscle. I took clenbuterol during the swimming season, I was afraid that I could reduce something when you were far from the shore. The problem is solved by asparkam or panangin 2-3 times a day during meals.
  • Sometimes, a headache. It is connected, more often, with the increase of arterial pressure.

Contraindications to the use of clenbuterol

Based on the side effects, clenbuterol has contraindications, which MUST be paid attention if you still want to use this drug.

  • Thyrotoxicosis (thyroid disease) and hypersensitivity to the drug.
  • Tachycardia and tachyarrhythmia (rapid heart rhythm abnormalities).
  • Subaortic stenosis of the aorta (non-inflammatory disease of left ventricular muscle, which is characterized by a sharp narrowing of its cavity).
  • Acute period of myocardial infarction.
  • Pregnancy.

clenbuterol for weight loss

Why taking Clenbuterol for weight loss is dangerous for your health

To achieve perfection of forms, people go for a lot, including the use of various medications not intended for weight loss. For the first time to apply clenbuterol for weight loss began athletes, bodybuilders, who believed that he has a fat-burning effect. In 1992, the drug was included in the list of banned for use in professional sports.

But many amateur athletes who do not face doping control, still use this bronchodilator for “drying.” However, not always such steps lead to the desired result, while negatively affecting the state of human health. Everyone should decide for himself: is it worth the victory over a couple of centimeters of “wrinkles” on the waist of problems that can remain for many years.

For those who want to try this drug as a “magic pill” of excess weight, it is worthwhile to get acquainted not only with the opinion of doctors, but also with many-numbered reviews of satisfied and dissatisfied consumers. They can always be found on the web or heard from the instructors’ gyms. In this case, do not forget that all people are different and that that did not bring harm to one, can spoil the health of another individual.

What is Clenbuterol for weight loss?

According to its pharmacological effects, clenbuterol for weight loss refers to bronchodilator drugs. It is produced most often in the form of tablets, but sometimes you can also find clenbuterol syrup (or injection solution). The drug works on the sympathetic nervous system and beta receptors and helps block the attack of asthma in people with asthma.

The intake of the substance stimulates the beta 2 receptors to a large extent (they are associated with the lungs) and very weakly affect the beta 1 receptors (associated with the heart).

Thanks to this, you can stop an asthma attack caused by stress and not affect the functioning of the heart muscle.

Like many other drugs, clenbuterol has been tested on animals. It was then noticed the anabolic action of the substance on the muscles of rats. In addition, by its nature, the drug is a thermogen and promotes fat burning. However, there is no one-hundred-percent confirmation of this information by medicine, since the organisms of animals and humans differ from each other. Moreover, recent studies conducted with the help of bodybuilders have shown that clenbuterol in bodybuilding may well become not only the cause of many health problems, but also lead to loss of muscle mass.

In any case, before taking clenbuterol for weight loss, you should carefully read the instructions and be sure to consult a doctor. At any initial health problems, such experiments can cause unpredictable consequences.

clenbuterol weight loss

Recommendations for use and side effects

If you still want to try the drug as a fat burner and anabolic, it is advisable to follow the following recommendations for admission:

  • dosage for men should be from 2 to 8 tablets per day, and for women – from 2 to 4 tablets (for weight loss);
  • use clenbuterol for weight loss is recommended for 4-6 weeks;
  • accompany reception preferably by a regular measurement of body temperature;
  • To increase the strength, the duration of application can be limited to three to four weeks;
  • in no case can not combine clenbuterol with ephedrine, since this will inevitably lead to heart problems (ephedrine affects the heart-related beta 1 receptors);
  • first gradually increase the dose (from the 1st to the 6th day), then maintain the dosage for 6 days, and then gradually reduce it;
  • If any side effects occur, it is better to stop taking the drug completely.

During the use of clenbuterol, the temperature of the human body can rise to half a degree. That’s why it needs to be measured and if it returns to normal, it means that the drug has stopped functioning. Dosage should not be increased, but it is better to completely stop taking it. You can lower the dose in case when losing weight is not the main goal, but there is a desire to increase muscle strength and endurance.

Clenbuterol (tablets or syrup) can cause a number of undesirable phenomena, which should be noted and in the event of the abandonment of this method to lose a few pounds:

  • tremor;
  • insomnia;
  • excessive sweating;
  • high blood pressure and headaches;
  • nausea;
  • arrhythmia and other heart problems;
  • the appearance of seizures due to loss of potassium.

In addition, the market tips to build muscle for medicines is often “inundated” with fakes. Pills with an indeterminate composition can not only significantly damage health, but also lead to death, but the price of forgery is usually lower than that of the original.

Taking clenbuterol, side effects can be minimized using the optimal scheme or by combining it with other drugs. For this, antihistamines are recommended, including ketotifen. Clenbuterol with ketotifen can be consumed using the following rules:

  • from the 1st to the 4th day you only need to drink clenbuterol;
  • on the 5th day one microgram of ketotifen is added;
  • further to the 27th day of the course, the dose of clenbuterol is increased, and the dose of ketotifen is two micrograms;
  • from the 29th day, a gradual decrease in dosage: clenbuterol to 35 mcg, and ketotifen – up to 1 mcg.

At the end of the course, a two-week break is necessary.

With what to connect clenbuterol for weight loss?

Clenbuterol is really cost-effective to include in courses for drying, with appropriate anabolic steroids. For example, it is interesting to include clenbuterol for weight loss in a steroid cycle, consisting of oxandrolone (oxaver) and trenbolone (simulator), along with stanozolol (stavel). You can also experiment bulking up and connect clenbuterol-ver together with testosterone propionate, boldenone.

To form a dry muscle mass, clenbuterol can be released in conjunction with turinabol. As a result, we get a qualitative set, relief and venousness.

Clenbuterol is to be combined with other fat burners. It can be used together with burners from sports nutrition, thyroxine, ephedrine, yohimbine, methyldrene. You should choose the best combination for yourself individually, because some components can raise the pressure too much.

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